Departments Mathematics
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"Maths for Life"

Mathematics department comprises of seven members; Mr. Macharia Maina (HOD), Mr. Pius Kaura, Mr. Ndirangu Wachira, Mrs. Mwangi Alice, Mrs. Martha Maina, Mr. Mwaniki and Mr. Mmbohe.

The members form a great team that is a driving force behind the improving performance and change of attitude in teaching and learning of Mathematics.

The goal of Mathematics department is to have Mathematics as a booster subject and the best performed subject in the school. Mathematics is a gateway to many careers. All forms of engineering and Medicine have their roots in Mathematics. Besides that mathematics lays a firm foundation for all the other sciences.

Mathematics is an economic necessity. The world market is growing in terms of varied technologies it is the Vision of the department to produce learners who besides having impressive grades, will fit in the global market be the desired change in the society and contribute towards the growth of the economy.

Mr. Macharia - HOS Mathematics