Departments Guidance & Counselling
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We are grateful to be given the opportunity to contribute in our school’s website.

Some of the members of the department are Mr. Karagu, Mrs. Njagi, Rev. Joyce,Mrs. Kibaara and Mrs. Omondi

The department has been vibrant for a long time and with the inclusion of more members, it is set to achieve a lot.

Due to the many challenges in life today, counseling has become a necessity for many, our students being part of them. Our vision has always been to help the students manage their issues for their academic, social, personal and spiritual success.

We are proud of the success of our upcoming counselors, the peer counselors, for being able to reach their peers and as a result helping to curb many issues before they magnify. The support of the Principal, Deputy Principal, Senior Teacher, teachers, boarding department, students and the parents is invaluable.

Finally, we appeal to the students to consult any member of the department when there is need and not shy away from counselling. This is one of the ways to help them identify and manage any challenges.

H.O.D. Guidance & Counselling