Departments Geography
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The department has a strong team of 4 experienced dedicated and hardworking teachers. The team spirit has been our ralling call towards academic excellence.

The team gives students opportunity to maximize their potential and train them to be active learners. The department through Geography club enables students to interact across all the forms.

Our Motto “geography is life” embraces all aspects of life, physical or naturally as well as human and economic spheres of life.

The department is working hard to reach a mean of 8.0. The members in the department are:- Mrs. Maina (Senior Teacher,Geo/CRE), Mrs. Gichingiri (H.O.S, Geo/CRE), Mr. Dennis (Geo/B. Studies), Ms. Njage (Geo/CRE).

The team has resolved to work tiressly in order to make the department the leading light in the school, with our vision to make students achieve the best grades.

Mrs. Gichingiri - H.O.S. Geography