Departments Examinations
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The department is led by two very committed members; Mrs. Kirimi and Mr. Kaura.

This is a department that is very instrumental in students’ academic excellence.

The main objective of the dept is to ensure that students realize their full potential in academics. This will enable them to consequently attain top grades that will secure them a place in public universities through Joint Admissions Board, hence pursue prestigious courses.

Secondly, the department sensitizes students to have great dreams and achieve them by being focused, self driven and team workers. We also encourage students to be aggressive determined and smart in academics.

The work under the guidance of our able Principal, Mrs. Mwangi who has given unwavering support in provision of teaching and learning materials, Revision materials and various sets of examinations from other counties. She has also ensured that the environment is very conducive for learning.

Students are encouraged to work hard to create a culture of academic excellence in Senior Chief Koinange. To realize exemplary performance, several programmers have been put in place;

  • Remedial teachings
  • Motivational talks
  • Supervised group discussions
  • A competitive awards system to motivate students.
  • Review of grading system.
  • Syllabus coverage in time.
  • More reference materials for students and teachers.
  • Academic trips, bench marking, symposium, contests and workshops.
  • Frequent parents meetings with students and teachers to discuss results and come up with the way forward.
  • 2015 candidates target is 9.0.

The staff and students are optimistic that by 2019 the school will have attained a mean of B+ and above. It will be a centre of excellence where schools will be bench marked against.

Finally attitude is very instrumental in academic excellence and other aspects of life. Life is the greatest asset give to us by God. We can either make life enjoyable and meaningful to ourselves or difficult. It’s the attitude and worth input that makes the difference. When we acquire a positive attitude towards life, the work output that we reap from our labour is always rewarding. On the other hand, if we choose to be led by negative attitude and feelings of animosity towards life, then the outcome is always disastrous not only to us but also to those around us.

Most of our students have made a personal decision to change their perception so as to reap the hard earned fruits of academics since success is a personal decision. With God all this is possible. God bless you all.

Mrs. Kirimi - Examinations Officer