Departments Chemistry
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Members of the department are; Mr. Anyanga, Mr. Mmbohe, Ms. Karethio, Mrs. Maina M., Ms. Kivondo, Mr. Mwaniki, Mr. Gaitho, and Mrs. Ngugi.

The department has very committed members with the desire to make Chemistry the subject of choice for all students.

The department has devised simple techniques of integrating knowledge from other spheres of life to make Chemistry interesting and captivating to all the 1000 students in the school.

The entire departmental objectives are to equip the learners with the necessary information that enables one to develop understanding of the higher courses in Chemistry and relate effectively with the national goals of the education system of the country.

In the department we understand and appreciate the fact that students join in Form 1 with very scanty knowledge of what Chemistry entails but with emotive approach we try our best to ensure that Chemistry becomes a simple and non-mystical subject to the learners.

The department has set a target of 10.00 in Form one and two. Form 3 have a target of 8.00 and Form 4 have a target of 7.00 in 2015.

The school management has been very supportive with provision of the necessary teaching materials i.e. books, chemicals and to date we are proud of 4 laboratories each manned by a laboratory technician.

We have to acknowledge the work of our very able laboratory technicians who do not get tired of assisting in planning and running of practicals for all double lessons in the school. They include;

  1. Justin Njue
  2. Peter Machaki
  3. Mary Wambui

We finally thank all the work done by the Principal madam Teresa Mwangi for her efforts to ensure that the department is well staffed.

Mr. Anyanga John Munywele - H.O.S. Chemistry