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Senior Chief Koinange Girls High School
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School' Motto: Toil for Excellence

Vision Statement: To be the most desired institution for quenching intellectual thirst.

Mission Statement: Provision of quality education that will mould an all rounded self disciplined person who is physically, morally, and spiritually complete and is able to function optimally in an ever changing world.

Senior chief Koinange Girls High School is one of the schools in Kiambu District in Kiambu County; it is a 7-streamed school with a population of over 1,600 Girls from all over the country. It covers an area of 10 acres. The school has over a dozen departments offering a broad based curriculum of 14 examinable subjects and co-curricular activities.

Currently the school has two 62 seater buses and one 14 seater van. These are adequate for school transport needs.

Geographical Location

The school is located in Kiambu County, Kiambaa location, Kiambaa sub location near Karuri town council headquarters along Kiambu Limuru road (BOMA ROAD). It lies between Longitude 36054’ and 36085’ and between latitude 0075’ and 1020’, about 20 Km North West of Nairobi.


It is headed by the Principal assisted by the Deputy Principal, Senior Heads of Departments and Heads of Departments. The school is managed by Board of Governors and the P.T.A.

Core Values

  1. Godliness
  2. Integrity
  3. Team Work
  4. Self Discipline
  5. Professionalism

Core Functions

  1. Students growth thorough efficient exposure of the Kenyan educational curriculum.
  2. Development of high levels of discipline among students.
  3. Curriculum Evaluation through examinations and C.A.T.
  4. Provision of Guidance and Counselling Services to the students.
  5. Moral and spiritual development.

School Anthem

God of Might and God of life
We alone cannot prevail
We can write and read to fail
Be our light our Guide our mind

God we pray x2 Ever always bless our school

Strength to strength may we excel
As we learn and as we play
As we triumph thanks we give
Ever always, Bless our school

Strong to serve may we aspire
Give us oneness, make us bold
Honest humble true may we
Ever cherish God we pray.
Long live Senior Chief Koinange
School of choice we toil to excel
Long live Senior Chief Koinange Grils High School